Al Massa Polyclinic is a dream come true. Its the essence of more than 15 years of hard work in the dental field. With just an idea in the horizon, empowered by knowledge and experience it got nurtured to become one of the most successful polyclinics in the UAE. When it was finally the moment of truth, we decided that this polyclinic should be built in a way that serves the actual needs of our UAE public. We wanted them to find a convenient place that solves all their health problems under one roof without the hassle of going back and forth between different centers and hospitals.

Driven by patients’ needs, Al Massa Polyclinic was initially established  in October 2012 with the dental service as the initial solo service provided to then expand and include Nutrition, General Practice, Gynecology,  Laser Treatment and Skin Care.

We at Al Massa Polyclinic embrace state-of-the-art tools, but we never forget the human side of health care.  As a Polyclinic patient, A collaborative professional highly educated team is focused just on you. 

We would like to give to the Al Massa Polyclinic an unrivalled professionalism, not only in the field of dentistry, but also through a dedicated top-stream team of trained doctors and specialists who are here just to take care of you.

We will always keep what is in the best interest of the UAE public in front of our eyes. Hopefully, we will grow more to include extra services that might be of convenience to our customers. with one goal in mind utilizing technology to meet humanity. 

Our very best wishes,