Welcome To Almassa Polyclinic

Al Massa Polyclinic was first established in October 2010 as Al Massa dental clinic with dentistry service as the solo service provided. In no time Al Massa started to slowly expand to have more health care options under its Umbrella such as Nutrition, General Practice, Gynecology, laser treatment, and skin care.
At Al Massa Polyclinic, our doctors are in charge. This means they have the power to put you first. It’s a departure in health care philosophy that has attracted some of the area’s most respected physicians. And a difference you’ll feel the moment you walk through the door.
Think of The Polyclinic as a single doorway to your health care needs. From general practice, gynecologist, laser treatments, nutrition, to specialists in dental sector, The Polyclinic team works together with one goal in mind: what’s right for you.
Primary care focused on prevention, disease management and appropriate clinical interventions
The area’s top specialist physicians and surgeons working to provide you the most comprehensive care
On-site services at several locations for your convenience, like dental x-ray, mammography, ultrasound.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the continual development of health care sector. Our organization was founded on the principles of progress, liberation and limitless possibilities, and Al Massa Polyclinic will strive to uphold these principles in the health services delivered to the UAE public. Al Massa Polyclinic plans to be at the front line of the UAE’s health care revolution and to provide up-to-date technological solutions that aid in receiving a better pain-free care.

Our Mission

Al Massa Polyclinic aims to liberate its patient from the limitations of conventional treatments by adapting the latest technologies in the world of health internally and externally. Driven by an uncompromising commitment to service quality and satisfying solutions Al Massa Polyclinic aims to deliver to the UAE public a host of revolutionary solutions that redefine the way they perceive themselves in order to become healthier, happier and in good shape from within and outwards.