Dr. Bayan Aljamal is the Founder and Medical Director of Al Massa Polyclinic, she is a DHA License holder, a certified Cosmetic Dentistry from GERMANY, and a member of the syndicate of dental doctors in Jordan.

With over 15 years of dental practice, Dr. Bayan provides full range of dental treatments from fillings, crowns, scaling, polishing and cosmetic veneers. She provides caring dental treatment that puts the patient at ease and removes all potential worries or concerns about all dental treatment requirements.

She has 4 years of experience in Syria split evenly between Damascus University and AL Assad University. In Jordan she worked for 2 years in the Arabic Center and 1 year in Jabal Al-Hussein Hospital. Majority of the doctor’s experience is in UAE where she worked for 10 years in Emirates Hospital (Cosmesurge) and a year in the International Medical Center.