With over than 13 years of experience the Lebanese Dr. Imane Abou Haidar joined Al Massa Polyclinic as a Registered Nurse/Laser Therapist.

Working as a a first Aider in the Lebanese Red Cross for 2 years,  Imane moved to Abou Jaoude Hospital, Lebanon as Registered Nurse and worked for 8 years as an ER Nurse and Medical Supervisor (night shift) and Endoscopic Nurse; Trauma / Orthopedic / Plastic Surgery Nurse. Once she moved to Dubai she worked for 3 years in a Dubai-based Medical Center as a Registered Nurse /Laser Therapist.         

Worked for JCI Accredited organization policies and procedures for the Emergency Department in 2005.         

As being a Registered Nurse in Lebanon, Imane is an active member of the Syndicate of Nurse in Lebanon and member of the Red Cross Committee. She is  a Certificate Holder of Nosocomial (Infection Control) Nurse in Hotel Dieu de France, a Member of Organ Donation Lebanon (NOOTDT Lebanon) since 2008 up to April 2011

Imane is fluent in Arabic, French and English.