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Dr. Bayan ALjamal

Dr. Bayan Aljamal is the Founder and Medical Director of Al Massa Polyclinic, she is a DHA License holder, a certified Cosmetic Dentistry from GERMANY

Medical Director

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Dr Aysha Rafeeq

“Dr. S. Ayesha Rafeeq is a General Dentist at Al Massa Polyclinic. She has an active DHA licence and APSDC licence(India). She graduated with Bachelors in Dental Surgery from RGUHS, India, 2012

General Dentisit

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Dr. Imtithal Ghalyoun

Dr. Imtithal is Syrian OB-Gynecologist with more than 40 years of experience split between Germany, Syria and UAE.


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Dr. Khalid El Helaly

Dr. Khalid got his qualifications from Ain Sham university in Egypt where he got his bachelore degree in Medicine and Surgery, to further continue his Masters in Surgery

M.B.B.CH, M.D, M.S

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Imane Abou Haidar

With over than 13 years of experience the Lebanese Dr. Imane Abou Haidar joined Al Massa Polyclinic as a Registered Nurse/Laser Therapist.


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Dr. Antoine Emil Habib

Dr. Antoine is a G.P. Dentist. He has a DHA license and Lebanese Colloquim, Ministry of Health.He graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery

G.P. Dentist

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Nina Uzonova

Nina Uzonova, from Bulgaria. DHA certified Beauty and Laser Therapist, having 13 years of professional experience in Dubai with an excellent rapport with clients and colleagues

Laser Therapist

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Dr Bilal Koleilat

20 years of experience in treating all kinds of dental malocclusions with braces-lingual braces and aligners for children and adults

Specialist in Orthodontics DCD, MSc